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Cables Epuyen is a leader company in the Argentinian market.



Cables Epuyen is born in 1979, and specializes in manufacture, distribution and marketing of cables for signal, data and energy transmission for industrial, commercial and home applications which offers the its users security, technology and efficiency.

The great importance achieved so far –variety and quantity of products, qualified personnel, a factory surface of 10.000m2 over 6 has., administration and services- has been growing increasingly since that 1979 as the optimum feedback of the market and the decision of capitalizing the company permanently.

Our vision is to meet our customer needs through the continuous improvement and efficiency with an excellent service and with the application of the most advanced technology as for both analysis and development and the production and distribution of our products wide range.

We make the most of human and professional growth of all people who are part of the organization by means of teamwork, allowing each and every one to be involved in the growing process. All this is transferred in customer service improvement, in the relationship with our suppliers, in the optimization of costs and organization.

We seek for an increasing social responsibility as a company as well as the care of our environment supported not only by the fulfilment of current norms and regulations, but also the continuous actions we take to improve and take care of it.

We have our own Quality and Management System and our processes are certified by Norm ISO 9001:2008 and different quality certification of products supported by prestigious entities such as TÜV, UL, IRAM and Bureau Veritas.

Our Quality and Engineering Department counts as well with trained professionals and high technology control and development which takes us towards excellence and commitment to standards and norms as: IRAM – IEC – MERCOSUR – INTN - UL - ICONTEC – ICEA – ASTM – ABNT – ANSI – UNE - VDE AFNOR – EIA TIA – BS – ISO/IEC – MIL – NBR – IEEE – TELEFONICA – TELECOM – NEC among others.


Quality Policy

Make our clients feel that their expectations and demands are met not only by our products but also by our services, policies and innovations offered every day.

Offer our users and installers full security and trust with our products and, at the same time, let them consider us a constant source of knowledge and technology by means of our leaflets, manuals and educational conferences.

Show on each of our employees our work ideology consciously and professionally for the continuous improvement of our management system.

May our suppliers identify all our wide range of products as the accurate result of our materials and services, improving them by means of security and confidence we transmit our customers.

Seek the perfect balance between growth and environment supporting all our processes on current environmental norms and regulations throughout our country.

Grow with increasing and measured effort, reinforcing our soundness and supporting us in a continuous industrial development and professional training in all our areas


- Honesty.
- Humility.
- Always keep our word.
- Always listen and serve our customers and employees.
- Be efficient and dynamic.
- Respect personnel life and security.
- Permanent search for excellence.